His Majesty the Istrian prosciutto

The experience of relishing a true gastronomy masterpiece is taken on another level. The finest and the most exceptional products which captivate all your senses have a special place on the culinary throne. And one of them is certainly the remarkable Istrian prosciutto.

Istrian prosciutto always takes the highest points on the world prosciutto fairs and it is famous among the connoisseurs. What is so special about it, you ask, you tried smoked ham before. Well, everything.

First of all Istrian prosciutto is not smoked ham. Not by a long shot. In fact, if you only mention the smoke to the local producers you risk starting a riot. One of the main prosciutto traditional laws takes a firm stand here saying that proper prosciutto shall be air dried for at least 12 months and only by a fresh and revitalizing wind called Bora. Meaning there are no shortcuts in producing such perfection. The unique Istrian prosciutto takes time, love and patience.

The recipe for making this delicacy dates hundreds of years back in the 16th century and it hasn`t changed a thing since then and it is carried from one generation to the next one.

The ingredients are fairly simple but strict.

Istrian prosciutto has to be made of high-quality local meat. The great care has to be given to pig rearing, which has to be feed only by animal beet, pumpkin, potatoes, cereal crops, corn, some oak acorn, various roots and subterranean habitats of various mushrooms. The treatment is unique because Istrian prosciutto is traditionally treated together with pelvic bones where the fatty tissue is removed gaining the characteristic extended appearance and uncovered surface.

The prosciutto is dry-salted with sea salt and seasoned with natural spices, such as pepper, bay leaves, rosemary, and garlic. They are rubbed well into the fresh prosciutto and placed one above the other in 3 -5 layers. The treatment is repeated after seven days.

Location, location, location motto is one of the main guiding stars here because for such a delicate work the location is everything. The specific microclimate allows just the needed temperatures and humidity during the whole year for executing the right process. It is a well-known fact that the air should flow at the speed of 10 cm/sec, the optimum air temperature should be 13 – 15 degrees Celsius with the relative humidity level 65 -70 % leaving the prosciutto on a gentle air rotation refreshed by the typical north and northeast winds in the area. Shortly, bora wind is crucial for producing this kind of perfection. Istrian prosciutto is a unique product in the world, absolutely autochthonous, registered and protected under this proud name.

The Istrian prosciutto is always hand cut to thin slices prior to serving. Not just because of his prestigious place on the culinary map but also because of its authentic fine consistency.

Its look is astonishing, its smell is seducing and the delicate taste allows it to simply melt in your mouth, leaving you with the feeling of pure pleasure.

All you have to do is visit the local konoba and taste the perfection which only an ancient knowledge balanced with Nature`s rhythm can provide.