One day trips

Plitvice Lakes

Surely one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, Plitvička jezera National park, is a true spectacle which you simply can not miss. The Plitvice Lakes are listed with the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its stunning beauty and remarkable geological and ecological values which makes them a must on almost everyone`s bucket list.

The mesmerizing 16 lakes and their fascinating colours from the delightful turquoise, incredibly azure, power blue, gentle green to the deep emerald shades will dazzle you in every way. The crystalline water tumbling over countless cascades and magnificent waterfalls are changing every single day depending on the season, weather and the minerals in it. The powerful rocks are radiating with strength and inspiring on every step giving the balance that only nature may provide.

Let`s not forget the ancient forest which embraces it and over 1.400 different plants of which 22 of them are endemic species and the rich fauna summoning the eternal and everlasting life in this truely majestic part of the planet. Walking on placid wooden boardwalks that carefully follow natural shapes and passing over such beauty under your feet is a tremendous and unforgettable experience.

When should you visit it?

That`s maybe the hardest question ever. Plitvice lakes are sublimely beautiful in every season. Of course, the summer is the preferred holiday season, the days are hot and just the sight on this fabulous greenery and freshness of its waters are completely irresistible. But then there`s the absolutely incredible autumn when nature explodes with the colours presenting its best in every way making it a genuine rhapsody. On the other hand, the winter is mind-blowing on Plitvice – just imagine all that beauty covered in snow when the shy sun rays hit the simply fantastic sculptures and shapes made by the transparent ice, then everything looks like an enchanted kingdom from an ancient fairytale. Finally, there`s the completely amazing spring. Nature is waking up simply bursting with lavish life, the birds are singing joyfully and the waters are showing all their power. Basically, every season is the perfect season for visiting Plitvice.

Getting around Plitvice

The national park has 6 main hiking trails which you should consider, depending on your affinities and physical condition and all of them are clearly marked and easy to follow. The strolls are fantastic but if you are not an overly keen sporting type, there are several other ways of getting around. Like the Plitvice sightseeing train, which is basically a very nicely designed and comfortable bus, by which you will see all the main attractions, including the Great Waterfall, the canyon and the most popular lakes and bridges. You should definitely take a ride by one of the electric or the old-school wooden and utterly romantic boats. The park offers different routes and programs depending on how much time you want to spend there or the places you want to see. It is good to know that all buses and ferries are included in the price of a ticket.

Advice and useful tips

There are a few practical bits of advice you may need to know. The first one is that you should definitely wear solid rubber-soled shoes because the entire area is a network of wooden walkways and dirt trails. Secondly, July and August are the peak tourist season here when you should expect a lot of visitors. The tour buses are almost all arriving at the same time which in those months present quite a crowd. Of course, you may always visit it in your own plan, taking a car and driving yourself there. If you pick those two months for your holiday, try to visit it in the morning or in the afternoon. There are few small places where you can eat, but you may pack a few sandwiches and have a picknick. The thing is that with Plitvice being so immensely popular, those places are not really cheap and you may expect long queues of people waiting for their food. Same goes for the ticket – Plitvice Lakes are for a good reason, that is preserving the park, the most expensive attraction in Croatia. The good news is that out of those two months, the entrance ticket is far cheaper and there are no crowds like in the peak of the season. Also, you should always be aware that Plitvice Lakes are a delicate ecological system where swimming is strictly forbidden, just like the littering, feeding animals, or collecting plants like souvenirs. Finally, please be careful while taking your photos, trying the find the best possible shot, and mind your step when you make a selfie. Plitvice Lakes are incredibly photogenic and it is almost impossible not to take pictures of almost everything you see there, just take care of others and yourself while you are enjoying it.

There are a number of tourist agencies offering trips to Plitvice Lakes through the whole year. Our advice to you is to visit it in any season because Plitvice are a genuine piece of paradise which simply can not be missed or forgotten.

The magnificent Venice

The gorgeous Serenissima, a name given to the most beautiful city in the world, enchants with its eternal beauty. Every corner of the wonderful Venezia is a pure wonder made of awe, a serene fairytale, a fascinating journey through the eternal allure.

The city of Venice is created and built on more than 100 islands. The famous canals are placidly connecting its people and goods, while the charming narrow streets reveal its soul. The frequently asked question of what should you visit in Venice is a complex one because the old elegant lady is a whole world for itself worth a thousand trips.

So for your daily visit let`s start with the most famous sights.

Piazza San Marco – The main square in Venice is found in its very heart and it will dazzle you with St Mark`s Basilica and the belonging bell tower Campanile, The Museo Correr, the fascinating Doge`s Palace and the beautiful Torre dell` Orologio. Be aware that following the rule of respecting the city, it is not allowed to eat and drink on the Piazza. Same goes for feeding the pigeons and throwing any kind of trash. You may enjoy your espresso or lunch in the cafes on the square or choosing one on charming side streets.

Canale Grande – The Grand Canal is the largest and surely the most famous one. It has served as the most important waterway for hundreds of years and today it offers truely admiring views on more than 170 buildings of which some date as early as the 13th century.

Ponte di Rialto – The famous bridge in Venice is an impressive artwork that connects the districts San Marco and San Polo. The ornate bridge also has several shops selling original souvenirs and jewelry devoted to the Venetian spirit.

Ponte dei sospiri – The Bridge of Sighs is the legendary enclosed limestone bridge built in 1600 that connects the New Prison and the Doge`s Palace. Once the prisoner`s last sight to the beauty of Venice, now represents an important and beautiful example of the Renaissance craft.

Gallerie dell’Accademia – One of the most important art galleries in the whole world holds the largest art collection in Venice. Its collection includes works by renowned artists like Titian, Bellini, and Tintoretto but perhaps its most famous piece is the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

Murano – Famous for its artistic glass-making which you may still witness in one of the factories, Murano offers numerous impressive sights like Museo del Vetro, Basilica dei Santa Maria, the Campo Santo Stefano and the Palazzo da Mula.

Let`s not forget the less crowded but breathtaking beautiful Venice areas Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce like the numerous romantic streets, bridges, and canals that only Venice may offer.

The Venice is explored by easy strolls, taking a ride by vaporetto, boats and gondolas. La bella Serenissima will seduce you in every possible way being the place where you will want to get lost in. Still, if you like to stay in control of your time and whereabouts, we advise to buy a good map or to use the practical apps your phone.

Numerous agencies in Istria offer daily trips to Venice with official guides that will provide you the best experience of this ancient and marvelous city.